Friday, May 08, 2009

Wildberries collage

(click to see larger)
"Wildberries" collage
April 2009, Debi Cates

Mom and I did some collages when I was there visiting. She liked my idea of putting collage supplies in a hard-side briefcase that I picked up at a yard sale. Done collaging? Put supplies back in. Close the case. Mess gone.

About the wolf spider hole post of yesterday, the hole is about the size of a U.S. quarter, or about an inch in diameter. Around here wolf spiders build turrets around the top of their holes, apparently to keep rain out. Usually, though, their turrets are just dried grass and sometimes pebbles. Not usually as decorative the one I photographed. In other places, wolf spiders have little round plugs that they "close the door" with.

No news on the bones yet. Will keep you posted, though. We'll give it a couple of weeks before we call and make a nuisance of ourselves. (My friend Donna hopes it is a baby Big Foot hand. Me too!)


Bobbie said...

We had such fun making collages. I love this one, the way you made the different colors of the berries is nice. Now I have my own collage briefcase but need you to drive me to make!

Frances said...

Hah! I understand Bobbie's comment. We need a motivator to get us doing this stuff. Lovely collage and what a great idea. Mess is the main problem I have over here - I can make a mess doing nothing at all, let alone when I'm being productive.
So interesting about the spider.

The Gossamer Woman said...

You're so creative, Debi. You have a true artistic soul.