Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday's Mail: June 28 - July 4

@ Maya: You came through Texas at the perfect time of year. @ Bobbie: I'm 99% sure they are edible. Seems like I read where you can batter and fry them. Of course, anything battered and fried is going to taste, well, battered and fried yummy!

Yep, morning glories. @ Green Stone Woman: I'd love to see photos of your if you decide to grow some there in the Netherlands. @ GodinLA: Aw, you're sweet. Probably the wrinkly one in the middle. @ PhyicEveryday: Oh! That makes perfect sense. To see what she means about hearts, go to her site all about her hearts, My Abstract Heart.

@ GodinLA: You cut me to the core. :*( No, seriously, I resist photoshopping my photos into perfection. I downsize them, sharpen them because the downsize loses sharpeness, and then will sometimes do a corrective color adjust. Remember you are seeing the cream of the crop. I took probably 50 other shots of sandhills very similar to this one that day. @ Maya: Maybe next time you come through Texas? And this time, unless I'm dead, I'll take you there.

@ Mr. K: I thought this photo was going to go uncommented until you came along. Thank you for seeing it with a similar eye. And @ PhyicEveryday: You are my abstract Goddess & Muse!

@ GodinLA: You are right. I'm even afraid of Putting that in Google, no telling what you'd get. But there are these old fashioned little square things that people used to use before the Internet. I flip through them. ;) I have about five books now on the wildflowers of Texas. And when that doesn't work, a local call to the nearby Mr. Burr Williams of the Sibley Nature Center in Midland always, always works, even if I consider it cheating. @ Frances: You shock me! And I love your daring. I will have to do a lot more research on dodder before I would try it. It just doesn't look, um, palatable to me. (Remember I thought previously it was oil field trash). @ Green Stone Woman: It does seem a bit alien, doesn't it? I wonder what things grow naturally there? I'd love to come find all your exotic alien plants there. @ PhyicEveryday: "An iPhone app for that." That's funny!

It was a good fourth, spent out of doors! And thankfully, Green Stone Woman is right. The world has quite a number of free, democratic societies. Plan to visit one some day.

That's it for this Monday's Mail. Thank you for your comments, one and all.

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I love "Monday's Mail" addition to your blog. Very nice.