Saturday, January 09, 2010

I Got Ink

"Forever Love" 5"X 5" acrylic on canvas by Debi Cates

No, none on my body. This is a prototype of some tattoo-inspired pieces I'll be painting to sell at our local seller's corner for Valentine's Day.

This reminds me of my Dad's tattoo. He got it back the day when only sailors got inked. He was 19 years old, in the Navy, in the Phillipines. And it doesn't take too much to assume he had probably partied pretty hardy during some shore leave. He had just the one, classically located on his upper arm, a heart with a ribbon going across it, my mother's name on the ribbon.


Oh, Dad. If he were alive, I'd call him up Sunday morning and tease him unmercifully about that.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Too funny, the miss spelling, and kinda sweet too! Good luck with the sales!

Bobbie said...


Frances said...

somehow it being misspelled makes it a more romantic gesture. Bless his soul.

John M. Mora said...

men cannot spell, they spill