Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sun Dried Tomato

"Sun Dried Tomato"
Antigone's Tomato Garden
West Odessa, Texas

A sun dried cherry tomato to be more exact, still on the vine.


Frances said...

pretty and interesting.

jomamma said...

It sort of looks like a rose bud.

Katlynn's Momma said...

Wow, it really does look like a rose bud. I can't wait till they are ripe again!

John M. Mora said...


Bobbie said...

I love the way that dry, dry climate preserves plants. The color is astonishing.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

No way! Surely you jest? I was sure it was some sort of exotic (too me) Texas rose!
Amazing that you can make a dried up ol' piece of fruit look so good!

I was thinking of you when out taking some pics seem to like weeds as much as me!