Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Digging into the Deep

Digging into the deep freeze, that is. More kilowatt sleuthing.

Ugh! What's in here? Who knows! Time to discard, empty, and unplug the 1980s model chest freezer. I'm sure it's terribly inefficient and a good place to cut back those kilowatt hours my electric company charges me for.

I can't quite bring myself to just dump it all, though, even unknown packages with obvious freezer burn. However, my dogs Ansel and Dixie aren't nearly so picky. Over the next few weeks, I'll be thawing, identifying, and cooking. One mystery package at a time.

My basic dog food recipe:
1/3 cooked vegetables
1/3 cooked rice
1/3 cooked meat (no bones; cooked bones are brittle and can harm your dog)

They love this recipe and lick their plates clean. But, hey, I've also seen them eat fuzzy things out of my compost bin, too.

Did you know your freezer runs more efficiently if it's full? Check it out: 5 Ways to Fill Your Freezer for Efficiency from Discovery.com.


Oakland Daily Photo said...

I can see you're on a mission and I'm impressed.

John M. Mora said...

I did not know that 'bout cooked bones....thanks.

Eeyore said...

Especially chicken bones, according to the lore around here. They can splinter and puncture the esophogus or digestive tract.

Do you know how much it actually costs to run a chest freezer for a month? I don't.

Debi said...

@Oakland, I am indeed. It's kinda fun.

@John, I always wondered why dogs shouldn't have bones, seemed counter-intuitive to me. Then I heard a vet on a radio program explain it's the *cooked* bones. Aha moment.

Debi said...

@Eeyore, I don't know either. I'm working on getting one of those kilowatt monitoring devices, though, to arm myself with real data...

In the meantime, ew, right? Makes sense to start with a plugged in appliance that obviously I don't use to its proper potential.