Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Would You Rather?

Coleman, Texas
"Two Eras," road trip to the Heart of Texas with BFFs Nelda and Pat, April 2010
Coleman, Texas

That's the name of a car game my oldest daughter taught me. It's simple. You take turns asking each other, "What would rather, ____ or ____" and everyone has to answer, including the asker. Like, "What would you rather, an orange or a banana?" Or, "What would you rather, have your leg amputated, or your arm?" There's no points, no winner, but it can be surprising.

What would YOU rather?
Kill a snake,
or kill a chicken?

Get an incredible deal on a new car,
or find your great grandma's diary?

Stand tall,
or get along?
What does any of this have to do with my fossil fuel reduction? Not much. Or, maybe it does.


Oakland Daily Photo said...

The coke sign, of course. Who knew it relieved fatigue? Must be the sugar. The irony for me is that both represent mega-international businesses. So even the obvious pleaser isn't always a good choice?

Rima said...

snake, diary, tall!

Eeyore said...

Coke, just because;
I would say snake, but in the vein of your considering the impact of your actions, I have to say it must really be chicken, because I've only killed a few snakes and only when necessary, but because of my quest for protein, I have indirectly killed and eaten hundreds, if not thousands, of chickens;
Diary, for sure;
And I guess, stand tall, but I do so enjoy just getting along some of the time.

jomamma said...

I'll take the Coke, kill the snake (they're good, taste like chicken), the diary, although it would be written in French and I can't read French, tall.

-K- said...

I'd rather look at this picture than just about anything else.

Debi said...

See? It's a good game because I've enjoyed learning a little more about each of you.

Me? The Coke sign of course (it makes the photo).

Chicken because I'd eat it and the snake, well, I would but only if starving.

I would think I'd died and gone to heaven if I found an old diary of one of my ancestors.

And the last I'd like to think we can do both, but since the game rules say we have to choose, I choose standing tall. I have to get "along" most with myself.

Thank you everyone for your responses. I enjoyed them.