Saturday, June 19, 2010

My first reusable produce bag

Reusable produce bag

Here is my first reusable produce bag, sewn from materials on hand. The bag is made from nylon wedding tulle, and the drawstring from one ply teased out of a three-ply nylon cord. It is extremely lightweight and is washable. Another plus is it will be convenient for the grocery clerk to see the sticker code for keying it into the register. That's the good news.

The bad news is nylon is plastic. :(

But, like I've been saying over and over again to myself, one must start somewhere and every little bit helps. By using materials I had on hand, no gasoline was burned by shopping. I predict this bag will last a long time, preventing the use and disposal of a hundred of those thin plastic bags from the grocery store.

For my sewing friends, here's a tip on working with net, which is like trying to sew air. For a stabilizer, I used regular paper which I was able to tear away easily when done. Used envelopes, flattened out, would work very well for this purpose.

I used a stitch on my sewing machine that was similar to zig zag, but even more ziggy and zaggy, number 21. I'm sure that won't mean much unless you also have a Brother CS-6000i, so here's a photo (click to see larger).

Today my daughter and I are headed to the Midland Downtown Farmer's Market for the first time! I wish it wasn't 30 miles from here. Still, that's a fraction of the distance most produce must travel to get to my local grocery store, I'm sure.

Time for me to sign off now. I'll be bringing my reusuable shopping bag and this one little produce bag I've sewn so far. :)


Andi said...

What a great idea! We have reusable grocery bags but I think our next step should be reusable produce bags.

Bev said...

Very interesting and, I must say,it is very informative reading your blog. Impressive that you have actually made the bag yourself which is something I'm afraid is a bit beyond me!

I hope you enjoy your trip to the farmers' market.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I've been wondering what one could use for produce that is reusable. Problem solved. Except the sewing it together part. This could be an internet business for you. Etsy, anyone?

jomamma said...

That's exactly what I was going to use. I think I have some in different colors back in the sewing room. I know I have some seam binding tape to stabilize the seams. Let me know if you want some rug yarn to crochet or knit some shopping bags from. My sister is coming your way in July.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Good idea! I bet your onto something with this:)