Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ansel the Dog

Ansel the dog
West Odessa, Texas. Jan 12, 2011

Ansel is named after the famous American photographer Ansel Adams. I named him that because I found him while I was out taking photos one day. That and because he's black and white. He was just a puppy, dumped, scared, starving, with hardly had any life left in him.

Now he's full grown, full of life, and turns out to be one big knucklehead.

He chews my shoes, my glasses, anything I touch and am stupid enough to leave within his reach. He even chewed up the rug I left out for him to sleep on. He has a deep, frightening bark and howls at sirens. He can jump the fence and will chase (to kill) any animal, even a horse. That's why he has to stay on a leash at all times. When I let him inside, he promptly pees on my furniture.

P.S. He licked my camera lens after this photo.


Nora said...

He sounds like a handful, but very lovable. I have one similar to him.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Maybe you need the Dog Whisperer. Ansel certainly looks cute.

jomamma said...

Ditto on Oakland Daily Photo.

Bobbie said...

But Debi, you can see the love just shining out of his eyes.

Maya said...

He's awfully cute. Too bad he's such a handful!

Frances said...

crazy but cute.
our dog is also crazy but cute.
He is calming down nowadays, stopped chewing things and peeing everywhere (and having the other fragrant accidents too) - but still reacts withh terror to sirens, flashing lights, fireworks.... he is a damaged boy, no doubt.

Petrea Burchard said...

I adore Ansel.