Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Bobble Time again

It's bobble time again
It's Bobble Time again
West Odessa, Texas. Jan 13, 2011

It's out of focus, it's grainy, but man I love the composition the dried heads of sunflowers and saw-tooth daisies make in the winter, "bobbles" I look forward to every year.

I'm blogging daily again, part of my 2011 resolution. I'm even going to put up a calendar again at the end of the month. I missed doing those calendars, a visual diary of my days, many of them splendid. Here's hoping your days are splendid and filled with your wintry favorites too.


Andi said...

I always love your blues. I don't even have the words to adequately describe how your blues make me feel.

Bobbie said...

I love your bobbles too, the way they dry such a nice straw color, the roundness, the beauty even when dry.

jomamma said...

I missed you.

Eeyore said...

Nice, but shucks. Now when I post my daisy pods, I'll be copying you.

Nora said...

I do love this photo, the dried flowers are so delicate.