Monday, August 06, 2007

You've got mail!

Oh Goody! Goodies from Arizona

Look what arrived in the mail for me this weekend! What a charge this package was to receive, to open, and to slowly delve into. I relished each part, oozing with delight that it came from such a kind and generous soul, Windy in Arizona as part of her Giveaway. I loved every thoughtful element, from the sweet enclosed card to the unique wrapping paper of fabric.

I have to say when I won that I worried a bit about receiving another book for my too-large collection, but Windy found the perfect one for me, a real keeper! (How did you do that?) I have lamented many a time to myself that my bird book finally fell apart a few years ago. This one has lots of fascinating tidbits, just the kind I love, about the unique habits of the birds listed. Don't be surprised if you see me quoting from it here in the future. I'll be Ms. Smarty-Pants.

I also love the tea cup and saucer. Really love it. I love blue and love this one's beautiful flowers and crackled texture. Plus it came with tea. I have my choice of Calm, Zen, or Awake. I can't wait to try each one, and to think of Windy, Hannah, Todd, Michael, and the joy their Arizona life & blog imparts to me. Maybe some cold winter day, I'll even make the Valtrompia Bread in that pretty tube to go with the hot tea.

Thank you, Windy. Thank you so much for this bright, cheerful gift. You are a gem.


Bobbie said...

A bread tube couldn't have gone to a better bread maker, or one that loved it more for sure. Nice gifts for a lucky!

Hannah's Mom said...

Yay!! You got it... I actually had another book in mind for you, an art book, but I couldn't find it. I found the bird book and had to send it to you, in hopes that you would post some delightful photo and information. :) I am so glad you won and that you are enjoying it!

Frances said...

That is a beautiful set of gifts - how thoughtful Hannah's Mom is, no wonder her daughter is such a star!
And congrats for getting it, you deserve every lovely surprise you can get.